About Us

hooeey webprint is a new approach to thinking about a user's interaction with web pages. Our first app, hooeey, brought in ease-of-recall of past browsed pages and a central place to store links.

hooeey webprint goes beyond links. It builds a personal library of browsed web pages on the user's computer automatically. Both text and screenshots are captured in the user's web library.

hooeey webprint also has the ability to store the user's web library on a number of different storage services such as Google Docs, Zoho, Amazon S3 and of course, on hooeey webprint's own cloud.

hooeey webprint is a part of hooeey.com, founded and run by Rajeev Purnaiya. Rajeev Purnaiya was the Founder and Managing Director of CyberBazaar, India's first and largest conferencing company. After selling CyberBazaar to WebEx, Inc., he was the Managing Director of WebEx India until mid-2005. Rajeev has a B.S. in Industrial&Systems Engineering from the University of Alabama and an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University.