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Easy to Use

  • Library style layout
  • Interface based on hub-spoke theory
  • Maximum information display
  • Breadcrumbs introduced for easy navigation

Easy Installation

  • Easy-to-install Adobe AIR 2 app
  • Click icon to open app
  • Toggle record on/off

Privacy & Security

  • Your library is stored locally
  • Upload your library to cloud services
  • Password protect your library
  • SSL encryption for hooeey webprint Plus service
  • Customise screenshot recording
  • Create blocklist for sensitive websites
  • Restore deleted web pages from Trash

Automatic Capture

  • hooeey webprint automatically captures the pages you browse
  • Easy one touch on/off for control


  • Top sites by time spent

  • Top sites by visits

Easy to Share

  • Share your library pages with Facebook
  • Share your library pages with Twitter
  • Email your favorite pages

Portability & Cloud Integration

  • Save your webpages locally (csv format)
  • Upload your webpages directly to Google Docs and Amazon S3 (csv format)
  • Export your webpages to hooeey webprint Plus (html text and screenshots)